How do we match Members and Helpers?

How do we match Members and Helpers?

Five Good Friends prides itself on being the best matchmakers in the business. We understand that the right match can make all the difference for Helpers and Members. Relationships are as important as the support provided.

We get you off to a good start by providing what we hope will be an ideal introduction. Then, you take over from there - continuing to work with the Members you choose to work with. Our model lets you agree terms with Members and their families. The relationship is yours to foster and enjoy. It sure beats working with new strangers every week!

We match you with Members based on:

  • Geography - are you located nearby to the Member?

  • Availability - does your availability to provide services match the requirements of the Member?

  • Services - do you have the qualifications or competencies to provide the services needed by the Member?

  • Rates - will the Member be able to receive their required number of hours of help at your hourly rate?

  • Your skills - has the Member requested a Helper with a particular skill such as a speaking a certain language or having the the ability to teach them how to use their new computer?

  • Experience - do you have sufficient experience to provide the services requested by the Member?

  • Interests and hobbies - do you have shared common ground with the Member such as following the same football team or enjoing crafting?

If we don't have an ideal match for you right away, we'll let you know. We keep your details securely on file for when a new Member joins Five Good Friends that is a perfect match for you!

Gaining qualifications, competencies and setting a competitive hourly rate are all great ways that you can be matched with more Members.