Giving and Receiving Gifts as a Helper

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Giving and Receiving Gifts as a Helper

From time to time, as Helpers build relationships with Members it is understood that gifts may be offered as a sign of appreciation. Five Good Friends have a policy which outlines the process for accepting gifts to ensure that all activities regarding gifts and favours are conducted with ethics and fairness. Click here to read policy.

What is considered a gift?

A gift or present is something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show favour toward someone, honour an occasion, or make a gesture of assistance. A favour is an act performed out of good will or generosity.

Is it ok to accept a gift from a Member?

To eliminate or minimise the potential for conflicts of interest, claims of inappropriate behaviour or favouritism, a Helper cannot accept a sizeable gift, tip, commission, special discount, valuable possession or any other form of reward from a Member. Any gift of money in the form of a donation or bequest under a Will must be reported to the Care Manager.

Greeting cards and small token gifts of a non cash nature (up to an estimated $50 in value) may be accepted on special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays. Such gifts should be reported to the Care Manager.

How do I decline a gift from a Member?

If a Member or Member’s family insists on a gift (over an estimated $50 in value), the Helper should inform them of the Five Good Friends policy and refer them to their Care Manager.

Where a Member's cognitive capacity (e.g. dementia) may impact their understanding of a Helper's refusal to accept a gift, the gift may be accepted but is to then be given to the Authorised Representative or Five Good Friends for safe-keeping, and returned to the Member or family. Such incidents must always be documented and reported.

Can I give a Member a gift?

Helpers should consult with the Care Manager prior to giving a gift to a Member. Gift giving, while well intended, may create a perception of favouritism among Helpers and hinder the delivery of services.

Should you have any questions please contact your Helper Coordinator on 1300 787 581 (option 3) or text the Helper Hotline 0488 849 331.