Five Good Friends Workforce Team - what do we do?

Meet the Team!
Five Good Friends Workforce Team - what do we do?

Have you ever wondered how the Workforce Team works behind the scenes?

Five Good Friends has experienced incredible growth the past several years. The past 12 months, the Workforce Team has grown from a team of 4, to a team of 18!! We understand that this can be confusing for our Helpers, especially when you are contacting the Helper Hotline and you are unsure who you are speaking to.

We break down the roles in the Workforce Team and what each team member is responsible for. Over 2021, we will be releasing individial articles on each of our team members so that you can get to know them. Stay tuned!

Workforce Team Structure

Workforce Manager: This role overseas the Workforce Team. They are responsible for projecting future workforce needs, leading and addressing workforce issues, incident management and responding to workforce requirements.

Workforce Coordinator Team Leader: The purpose of the Workforce Team Leader role is to lead and coach the Helper Coordinator team to deliver on sourcing, matching and rostering Helpers for FGF Members. This role also provides relief support when our Coordinators are on leave.

Workforce Coordinators: Each coordinator is assigned to a Care Team that is responsible for a Five Good Friends community. To read more about the Care Team model click HERE. This position assists in matching and rostering Helpers for FGF Members and supporting long-term Helper matches. They will reach out to you when they have a Member they think you'd be a great match for! Check the Care Team details for your Member/s in the App to find the relevant Workforce Coordinator.

Rostering Support Coordinators and Team Leader: This team works collaboratively with the Workforce Coordinators and is responsible for ensuring all Member visits are delivered. They are our firefighters and support covering emergency, temporary and one-off visit vacancies when Helpers are unavailable and unable to arrange a replacement for themselves or when a Member is awaiting a new long-term match. The Team Leader role also provides supervision to employee helpers.

Learning & Development Team Leader: This role helps design, implement and monitor activities associated with Helper learning and professional development to ensure Helpers have the appropriate skills and competencies for their role. This includes developing and promoting education and career pathways for Helpers to enhance performance and engagement, and increase skill competencies within the Helper Network. This role supervises the Community Leads who in turn provide guidance to Helpers.

Community Leads: The Community Leads work directly with our Helpers in the community. They assist with on the ground training, competency assessments, Member introductions, coaching new Helpers and supporting Helper education. They also provide back-up support for visits when Members are unavailable.

Recruitment & Compliance Officers: This role works with our Coordinators to assist with recruitment and onboarding of new Helpers, mainentance of the recruitment database, general Helper queries, monitoring our systems to ensure Helper compliance and providing general administrative support for the team. You will hear from then when you have a qualification due for renewal!

Workforce Administrators: The purpose of the Workforce Administrator role is to provide high quality frontline phone support for our workforce and Helper candidates through responding to enquiries on the helper hotline, resolving queries and assisting with minor rostering tasks and troubleshooting.