Facts and Myths about being an Independent Contractor

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Facts and Myths about being an Independent Contractor


  1. You choose which Member matches you accept

At Five Good Friends we connect Helpers to Members who are living in their local community and are seeking help to maintain their freedom and quality of life at home. We setup a meet and greet with Helpers and Members so both parties can determine whether it's the right match before commencing services. After the introduction we create your contract with the Member and you take it from there. You can manage your visits with the Member yourself in the App. Read more about how me match Members and Helpers here.

  1. You choose the hours you work

We have some Helpers who work as little as a few hours per month and others with a full daily schedule. You have the flexibility to choose when you would like to work and we try to identify Member matches that align with the days and times you are available. You can update your availability any time by texting the Helper Hotline on 0488 849 331.

  1. You set the rates you charge Members

As an independent contractor using the FGF Platform to run your own business, its up to you to determine the default rate which you charge for the Members you help. A simple rule is to make sure that you choose a default hourly rate which is fair and competitive to your Members, but also profitable for you after you take your costs into account. Read more about setting your own rates here.


  1. I need to wear a FGF uniform

It is your choice what you would like to wear when visiting Members. FGF strives to avoid items such as lanyards and branded uniforms that broadcast you are ‘Carer’ for a Member. If you have a uniform for your business we would encourage you to discuss with your Members if they are comfortable with you wearing it while visiting them.

FGF has free t-shirts available for Helpers wishing to promote themselves as a FGF Helper. The t-shirt is not a uniform and it is optional whether you would like to order one. Please ensure you only wear your t-shirt in appropriate settings and always respect a Member’s request for discretion.

  1. I will be out of pocket for my travel expenses

As a Helper working in the community you will likely regularly use your car for travelling to and from visits and for providing driving assistance to Members. You may be able to claim some of your work travel and vehicle expenses as a tax deduction. Alternatively if you will be providing regular transport outside the local area for a Member you may want to consider increasing your hourly rate.

  1. Being an Independent Contractor is the same as an Employee

All Helpers on the FGF platform are Independent Contractors, not Employees. As a contractor you are running your own business as a carer in the community. You pay FGF a Platform Fee to find potential Member matches for you in your area and to provide ongoing support with administration, marketing, technology, invoicing, debt collection and access to skilled Care Teams. Read more about the benefits of the Platform Fee here.

The FGF App provides you with the technology to generate invoices for your visits with Members. FGF takes care of sending the invoices to Members, collecting/chasing payments and processing Helper payments fortnightly. Helpers are responsible for managing their own tax and superannuation contributions.