Coronavirus (Covid 19) - Update - Victoria Authorised Worker Permit - 21 August 2021

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Coronavirus (Covid 19) - Update - Victoria Authorised Worker Permit - 21 August 2021

Under the Extended Lockdown Restrictions announced by the Victorian government, permits will be required to leave the house for authorised work in Victoria, consistent with the arrangements that were in place last year.

Can I continue to provide services to Members?

Yes. As an approved Home Care and NDIS provider the services Five Good Friends provide to Members in the community are considered authorised services. The government have identified any person who performs work that is essential for the continued operation of care services is considered an authorised worker.

Five Good Friends Helpers provide community based services which are required to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of vulnerable people as outlined. The services you provide are in place because the vulnerable individuals you are supporting are not able to complete these tasks or activities themselves independently. Five Good Friends Helpers are unable to work from their own home and must attend the homes of their Members in the community.

The only exception to this is unpaid Helper meet and greets with potential members - we recommend doing meet and greets via video call or phone while the extended lockdown restrictions remain in place.

It is essential while providing your services that you follow COVID safe work practices including adhering to the Standard Operating Procedure, Attending Work Guidelines, COVID-19 Infection Control training, testing and isolation requirements as well as all relevant protocols.

Authorised Worker Scheme - Work Permit

From 11:59pm on Tuesday 17th August, this permit is required to be carried by authorised workers, who live or work in Metropolitan Melbourne, when they leaving the home for authorised work.

From 11:59pm on Monday 23rd August this permit is also required to be carried by authorised workers, who live or work in Regional Victoria, when they leaving the home for authorised work

The person may carry a print out or an electronic copy of this permit when undertaking the permitted activity and when traveling to and from the destination.

Victorians living in regional Victoria and entering metropolitan Melbourne for authorised work must also obtain a permit.

As directed by the Department of health, Sole traders must issue a worker permit and sign the worker permit as both the employer and employee. As a Helper operating as a contractor on the Five Good Friends platform it is your responsibility to complete the form yourself. Five Good Friends is not your employer and is not eligible to complete or sign the form on your behalf.

Carrying a Work Permit

You MUST complete the Work Permit and carry it with you, along with photo ID, when travelling to and providing services to Five Good Friends Members.

Use the Five Good Friends App along with your permit to verify you are a Helper (authorised worker). Within the App you have your Helper Brokerage Agreement which you can show, you also have your photo and the address of the Member you are visiting. For privacy and confidentiality reasons only disclose the address of the Member if requested by VIC Police, other emergency officers or Commonwealth officers.

Completing the Worker Permit

Download the worker permit HERE to complete

To complete the form you will need

  • Employer name, ABN, company address and trading name - as a Sole Trader you are the Employer
  • Name and date of birth of the employee - as a Sole Trader you are the Employee
  • The employee’s regular hours and place of work - refer to your FGF App
  • To meet all eligibility criteria, including that you are an authorised worker - _FGF Helpers are considered authorised workers as you are providing essential care services.
  • To meet all relevant legal obligations
  • To have a COVID-19 safe plan in place - safe work practices are your responsibility - to support you we have shared with you the Standard Operating Procedure, our attending work guidelines, provided contactless and reduced contact protocols and training, access to PPE stocks and required you complete the Department of Health COVID-19 Infection Control Training. These resources are all for your reference, please ensure you are familiar with them. We recommend you have these resources readily available to you should be questioned by authorities. *To authorise a person or people to issue the worker permit - as a Sole Trader you are the authorised person
  • Agree you will not attend work if you are a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case or if you develop symptoms or potential symptoms of COVID-19.

You do not have to send your work permit to Five Good Friends, it is for you to carry and retain for work purposes.

Visit the Victoria Authorised Worker Permit webpage for full details and requirements.

Please ensure you follow the Five Good Friends Standard Operating Procedure at all times when delivering services . Refer to our attending work guidelines for clear guidance on when you cannot work and when you can return to work during the during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take care and stay safe.