Coronavirus (Covid 19) - Update 7 - QLD/NSW Border Restrictions

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Coronavirus (Covid 19) - Update 7 - QLD/NSW Border Restrictions

The Queensland Government is implementing restricted entry to Queensland from 12:01am on Thursday, 26th March 2020.

Information about the restricted entry can be found here.

Under the guidance provided by The Queensland State Government, Five Good Friends Helpers are exempt from this restriction and can travel for their work so that visits to members can continue. In order to do so you will need to apply for a Queensland Entry Pass. A separate application is required for each individual travelling. You can apply here -

We also recommend that you:

  1. Allow additional time for travel to visits as there may be delays. Contact the Member or Authorised Representative if you are experiencing delays to reassure them you are are on their way.
  2. Use the Five Good Friends App along with your drivers licence to verify you are a Helper (Care worker) and are crossing the border to provide essential health services. Within the App you have your Helper Brokerage Agreement which you can show, you also have your photo and the address of the Member you are visiting. For privacy and confidentiality reasons only disclose the address of the Member if requested by Queensland Police, other emergency officers or Commonwealth officers.

Important information

Please remain vigilant and follow all recommended hygiene, social distancing and reporting guidelines. Please also follow the Five Good Friends Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Standard Operating Procedure for ongoing home care services for guidance.