Contactless & Reduced Contact Services Webinar 17th April - Available to watch online now!

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Contactless & Reduced Contact Services Webinar 17th April - Available to watch online now!

Covid19 Helper Webinar 2 - Held Friday 17th April 2020

Five Good Friends is committed to ensuring our Members and their families receive the help and support they need through the COVID-19 outbreak. Key to this is ensuring our Members have confidence in the practices, knowledge and skills of their Helpers.

We held on Webinar on Friday 17th April to share with Helpers the new Contactless and Reduced Contact Competency Assessment we have developed to give your Members confidence and ensure your wellbeing.

We have uploaded a recording of the Webinar to our YouTube channel for those who were unable to attend. Please view below or click here to watch on youtube.

Contactless and Reduced Contact Competency Assessment

We have been communicating regularly with you the Department of Health guidelines and recommended practices for COVID-19. This has been supported by the Standard Operating Procedure for ongoing home care services. We are now adding a protocol for Five Good Friends Helpers to learn and follow on how to provide services in contactless or reduced contact manner. To give your Members added confidence we want to be able to demonstrate your understanding of this protocol. To do this we have developed a new mandatory contactless and reduced contact competency assessment. The protocol and competency assessment covers information such as general social distancing and hygiene guidelines as well as contactless or reduced contact practices for visits including:

  • Meal preparation
  • Cleaning
  • Companionship
  • Medication assistance
  • Transportation
  • The competency and assessment will be done online as part of our e-learning.

New services for you to offer

We are also offering Members new services to address specific situations and provide further peace of mind. These have been designed following recent feedback from our Members and their families. They are supported by additional protocols. The new services are:

  • Contactless shopping and delivery: A contactless service that shops for and delivers groceries and medications to our Members. Helpers must complete a competency assessment specific to contactless shopping and delivery before being able to offer this service.
  • Wellbeing Check in's: A new phone or video conference service to maintain contact between isolating Members and Helpers.
  • Telehelp - assisted telehealth visits: A new process for our Helpers to safely assist Members to interact with Allied Health or Medical Services remotely utilising telephone or video conferencing technology. You can view the new protocols.

How do I complete the new competencies and offer the new services?

Please watch the webinar. You should have received an email invitation to complete the competencies via our learning hub LearnUpon.

To access the Learning Hub

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with the email address you use for the Five Good Friends App.
  3. If you haven’t previously set a password click ‘Forgot Password’.

On your learning dashboard you can view the courses you are enrolled in and the courses you have already completed.

To begin a new course

  1. Go to 'Enrolled Courses'
  2. Click ‘Start’ for the relevant course.

Please contact the Helper Coordinators on 07 3532 0796 if you have any questions