Conflict of Interest Policy

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Conflict of Interest Policy

Demonstrating our Values on a daily basis is how we show our Members that we are different to other providers. One of those values is: 'We are trustworthy because we are mindful, transparent and safe'. Trust is such an important building block not only with our Members but between ourselves. One of the ways that we want to demonstrate trust and transparency is with our new Conflict of Interest Policy.

This policy aims to demonstrate to our Members (and to ourselves and other external stakeholders) that we can identify any potential or actual conflicts of interest and manage them effectively. Conflicts of interest can arise quite easily and can include:

  • Purchasing a good or service for a Member or FGF from a family member or friend (for example, regularly taking the Member to your friend’s restaurant instead of giving them options of other restaurants)
  • Accepting a gift that would make a person act in a way that is contrary to the interests of a Member (for example, your friend that owns the restaurant gives you a discount when you eat there with the Member so that’s why you choose that restaurant over any others). You can read more about our Receiving Gifts and Favours Policy here.

If you think you have a conflict of interest, all you need to do is speak with your Workforce Coordinator (07 3532 0796) about it and work out if it is a conflict. If it is a conflict your Coordinator will submit a Conflict of Interest Form and the Quality Outcomes Manager will maintain a confidential conflict of interest register for the company. It’s important to declare these conflicts because we will be able to see if there are any regular ones that arise and work out how we can manage them ongoing as a business.

Please have a read of the Conflict of Interest Policy and reach out if you have any questions.