Help people live where they love, with the care and support they need.

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About being a Five Good Friends Helper

Mother and daughter who receive Home help.

Work with people you're matched to

You'll be matched with the Members that you work with. So you'll be able to work close to home, in your local community with people you're well-matched to.

Home help caregiver.

Earn more for your skills

The unique Five Good Friends model of Membership means we can pay Helpers almost 20% more than they would earn working for other help and care organisations. Meaning you'll earn $31 an hour with the flexibility and freedom to choose when you work. 

Elderly lady getting Home helpHome help App.

Our App makes managing your schedule easy

Our App shows your fortnightly schedule and details of the Member you are helping. You'll also have the ability to check in and out so the family know you are delivering your wonderful care and support. Additionally, you will also have the ability to give instant feedback about your visit to the Community Manager, giving you the support you need. 

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