How we provide home care care and help for our ageing parents, friends and loved ones is under pressure and needs to change.While there are many dedicated, committed and selfless people working to provide in home care, the system in which they work has lost focus on the individual needing help and the importance of their family. Home Care has become all about tasks, hours and packages. We think there are many people that share these feelings and would like to help create the change that is needed. This is why we started Five Good Friends. This is why we would like you to consider being a Five Good Friends Helper. If you have read enough of this article to know that Five Good Friends is truly different and would would like to help our Members register your interest here:

As The wonderful anthropologist Margaret Mead said “…never ever doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is all that ever has.”

If you would like to know a little more, please read on.

Five Good Friends Helpers.

In my own experience I have found how hard it is for a family to co-ordinate a set of helpers and carers focused on different tasks driven by their scheduling, not the life of the person they have the honour and privilege of caring for. I have witnessed the anxiety of not knowing who is in the home of a loved one and when, as well as being excluded from information on how the help and care for a loved one is going.

In Australia today, 85% of working women aged 45 and over will be providing or organising the help and care for a loved one or ageing parent. For men, the figure is 70%.  These people are called informal carers. They are intimately involved in the care of people they love, but does the current system and set of providers acknowledge this? To not keep these people informed of how their loved ones are being cared for is wrong, particularly in this day and age of technology.

Five Good Friends is reinventing traditional in-home care by combining skilled and caring people with easy to use technology. Our unique model is providing individuals and their families the kind of in home care they have always desired.  At the same time it is enabling people to provide the kind of care they have always wanted to give. Truly consumer directed, transparent and flexible our Members and their families love the Five Good Friends service and the peace of mind the technology provides.

Five Good Friends App

Our Head of Care and Member Services Julia Lawrence has 30 years experience in Community Care and has designed our innovative service. In her words.

“Working with families for the last 30 years has taught me the importance of matching not just the skills and experience required but more importantly the personal attributes.  So often it is not really about the specific tasks, but the person completing them; what is important to them and the relationship.  Having a friend or someone you can rely on is important in all stages of our lives.  Each person brings something to our lives, something unique and irreplaceable.  We all like to know that special someone is thinking of us, knows and understands us, and that they will come to visit and bring meaning to our day.”

A Five Good Friends Helper is often one of these people and the Five Good Friends model has ‘matching’ this special someone to each of our Members at its core.  The biggest investment we make is in matching our Helpers to each Member, this is what people value most; it makes the world of difference.  Instead of focusing on services and tasks, we talk to families and understand what type of person they would look forward to having in their home.  We get the full picture of the person who will be most successful and we find that person, match and introduce them.  We empower and enable the relationship and watch it grow and blossom.

From there, the technology takes over and enables an efficient, transparent and flexible service. As a Helper, using the Five Good Friends App, you can see your schedule of visits up to two weeks in advance, check in at the start of a visit and check out at the conclusion. This lets the family know you have arrived and provides peace of mind. You can also send your Community Manager notes on the visit and the wellbeing of your Members.

If like us, you believe in-home care needs to change, then register and join us to create a better, brighter future. We are looking for Helpers who are happy to work flexible hours at times that suit them, who can provide services including: Personal Care, Companionship, Community Access and Domestic Assistance.

To be a Five.Good.Friends. ‘Helper’ you will require:

  • Energy and passion for helping people
  • Experience caring intimately for a loved one or experience in Aged Care/Disability Support
  • A successful National Police Check issued less than 12 months ago
  • Certificate III in Aged Care/ Disabilities/Individual Support or above would be beneficial.
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Your own ABN as an Independent Contractor (or prepared to obtain one)
  • Smartphone.

If you are interested please register here:

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