The power of friendships

The international study, ‘Blue Zones’ researched the world’s longest-living people. It found friendship as the key factor contributing to their longevity. The ‘stress shedding’ power of friendship enhances the life of these people who live their full and long lives in their own homes and communities. On average, these men and women have a circle of five to six good friends who travel through life with them. We found inspiration and purpose in this story. It is the reason our business exists. To provide people help at home, when they need it, so they remain close to their good friends, their community and the life they know.

About Us

Founders and key Executives


Simon Lockyer

Simon is a co-founder of everydayhero.com, a pioneering online peer to peer platform. He also co-founded Youngcare a charity dedicated to providing dignified and relevant lifestyles for young people with high care needs.  He has experienced first hand the lack of coordinated solutions and services for older Australians who wish to remain in their home connected to the communities and friends they love. Simon’s commitment to families and older Australians is to offer a new, simple solution that will enable people to age happily in the place they belong.

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Nathan Betteridge

Nathan was the founding CEO of everydayhero.com, which is now one of the largest fundraising technologies used by thousands of non profits around the world. Over the last 10 years in the non profit sector, he has seen the challenges faced by the non profit aged care services providers as a result of continual changing government policy and the resulting inflexibility offered to those who need care. Nathan is excited to offer his knowledge of software and services to these deserving consumers, and intends to ensure Five Good Friends is able to keep many people, like his parents, at home in their community, thriving in their old age.

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Tate Johnson

Tate Johnson is an experienced software developer who has a strong focus on building people facing software. For over 9 years he’s been writing code for the web and iOS. Most recently he worked at LIFX where he helped to build their Cloud platform and iOS app.

Advisory Committee

Tim Russell


David Waldie


Stuart Dixon-Smith

Helen Weston

Monica Bradley

Monica Bradley

Robbie Cooke

Robbie Cook

“I get by with a little help
from my friends.”

– John Lennon & Paul McCartney